Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm easily amused!

Very cool illusion

Popcorn and Chocolate peanuts...

That's my usual choices when I go to the cinema, which I do rather frequently since retirement 3 years ago. Today was a movie type of day even though I usually don't watch movies at home. It was rainy, dark and cold....a perfect day for movies. I started off watching Cold Creek Manor on Encore Mystery channel, but half way through the movie snakes started appearing everywhere tormenting the family who bought Cold Creek Manor. I just can't watch snakes, so I had to stop watching that one. Later, I started watching Something To Talk About and it was a great movie. It had a line in it that I just loved: Him: "You Southern women sure are easy to please." Her: "It's from keeping our expectations so low." You go, Julia Roberts!