Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Killer day...

Since brother was taking Dad for his treatment today and also to an appointment with his urologist, I went to Mom and Dad's early and started mowing. Usually, my brother and sister-in-law each get on a mower and finish it off in an hour, but with only me it took about 3 hours and I got it all finished just before they got back from the appointments. Bro was glad I had done it. He is just so busy.

I checked my little fall garden. Something is eating the turnip greens and broccoli and tomatoes. Some carrots are coming up, but they are obscured by weeds and I can barely find them to pull the weeds away from them. Broccoli

Looks like we may have a good pecan crop for the first time in two years, so I mowed under all the trees so we can find the pecans when they fall.

Usually, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday , we go to the rec center for exercise. I emailed my buds today and told them I would not be joining them since I had already had my "rec" for the day.