Thursday, February 16, 2006

My house

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2-9-06 The date my life changed completely!

It went off without a hitch except that the movers had to get a trailer to pull behind their truck. I had too much stuff!! They loaded in 2 hours, so we were off by 11 A.M. I arrived in Minden before them where I was greeted by family and friends also bearing gifts. My new home had baskets of goodies from Main Street Bakery, plants, and balloons. The balloons are still a mystery as we do not know who put them in the yard and on the door.
My 14 year old pal and his dad came and hooked up my music system and my computer. Since there was no internet or cable yet, I have been re-acquainting myself with my massive CD collection. AAAhhhhh--I am so happy! Classical music and a fireplace are magical.

Sentimental Send OFF!

There are no better friends on Earth than mine! Four of them...DeLisa, Robin, Michelle, and Amanda....came over Wednesday night before my departure move on Thursday. They were bearing gifts, wine and the most beautiful green plant arrangement I have ever seen. Of course, they also included an Orange, TX t-shirt with their own personalized messages on the back. Then they took me to Acapulco and "made" me drink margaritas. I had a great time and just love those girls. I will miss them dearly.
This is my new kitchen. Look for me on the Food network soon giving Paula Deen a lesson!!