Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good News!

The administrator told us we could leave her in the same room until such time as they needed it and after that he would find a private room on another hall for her. It will cost us $4200 a month, so we told her she had to be ready to run a race within a month or so. The beautiful daffodils are courtesy of her niece!

 Our next thing to tackle is all her assets. If she had another stroke tomorrow and required a nursing home, it would take all her money and then they said any land would have to be sold and used as payment until it ran out. I already have an appointment with our attorney on Friday. We have been told that it had to be out of her name for 5 years, but we are trying to figure a way to get around that. Right now, it's all in her name except property that Dad inherited. We told her today that we were going to try to get her name off everything except the house and the car. She is allowed to own a house and a car and that is it before Medicaid would kick in. She just said, "OK". She would hate more than anything to use up all the funds and lose the land. That would kill her.