Saturday, April 11, 2009

He is Risen!

Not much planned for Easter. I will attend early service and Bible study before going to lunch at my brother's. That's the plan every Sunday. Since there are no kids in the family, Easter eggs are not invited. I am providing a ham and my sister-in-law will fix something to go with it. Weather gods are saying 100% rain, so that sucks for the Easter egg hunts and family get togethers. It just means nap time for me while watching the Master's golf tournament! Not a problem!

Good day...

There is very little left to be done to have my yard in pristine condition. Today I bought some new seed and sod dirt to fill in some gaps where I am impatient for the grass to fill in. I even threw some Bermuda grass seeds down on the new dirt. Bermuda seems to be the only grass that does well in this red clay soil. Most of my pots are filled with beautiful color. Now I am hoping my azaleas will bloom. I have a late blooming variety, but there is so much new growth that there doesn't seem to be many buds to open. I pruned them dramatically, but they have already doubled in size again. I don't want big bushes in front of my house. They must not touch the brick! I know....I know....I am a bit OCD! My variety is Conversation Piece and it is supposed to look like this, but it almost never does!

Now dinner is in the stove and I am kicked back watching the Master's. Happy to say that I have been there twice and it is one of my favorite places to go...absolutely beautiful.