Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

As I left church this morning, I was handed a Mother's Day gift. It was a beautiful pen and bookmark. I guess that all women are considered mothers. I am not a mother, but it was assumed that I was. That's OK with me. I don't mind at all, but I wonder if those women who wanted to be mothers, but for some reason were not granted that joy were offended or hurt by being handed the gift. It could have reminded them of the sorrows they felt for not being a mother.

I have a wonderful 80 year old mother whom I should have been with today. Last night I attended an engagement party here in my town, which is 4 hours away from where my mother lives. It was my intention to get up early this morning and drive the 4 hours to surprise my mom at church. That didn't happen for whatever lame reason! No reason is good enough for my shortcomings on this Mother's Day. I know that future Mother's Days with my mother are numbered and I should have gotten my butt out of bed and hit the road at 6 A.M.

Even though I am not a mother, there is always one very special person who calls to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. If I had a daughter , I would want her to be just like Denise!!!