Thursday, June 21, 2012


Both our night time caregivers are in the hospital now! The second one went Wednesday when she was having all kinds of strange things happening to her. Turns out her blood sugar was 805! OMG! She had no idea that she was a diabetic. She will be back to work next week. In the meantime, our daytime caregiver has found someone to fill in for the other night caregiver, so, if our one that had surgery Friday is ever able to come back, we will have another one that is already trained to fill in when necessary. She cares for a man every day M-F and is coming to Mom's at 10:30. Tough duty, but we told her she can take naps in between checking on Mom. We have two caregivers that have other jobs. Don't know how they do it, but they are much younger than me.

On the bright side, my brother got a new trap and finally caught two coons that were eating our corn! That's a total of 3! Since then, there have been none in the corn! He gave those to someone who wanted them to cook! EWWWW! I'm not eating coon!