Friday, January 13, 2006

Go fly a kite!

The last time I played golf, we nearly froze. Today we were scheduled to play again, but being the sensible ladies that we are, we chose to go eat breakfast instead. Before you think we just copped out.....well, we did, but the winds were relentless today. Everything that didn't get blown away by Hurricane Rita got blown away today. Power outtages abounded! I managed to go see The Family Stone and get in a workout today. I must say I am quite proud that today was 4 out of 5 days to get in a work out. I hope to go Saturday or Sunday and improve the average even more.

On a more somber note, January 11th is the anniversary of the death of my very dear friend, Anita. She died at 36 in 1978 of cancer. One would think that after so many years that the date would fade away along with other memories, but it never does. No death before that date or since that date, including all my grandparents affected me like that one. Here's to you, my friend....