Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello, Monday!.

Hello, Monday! I ended my weekend giving up on making my Wii console find my wireless network and calling in my professional guru. Since he lives on my street, he was here in a few minutes on a Sunday. Can't beat that! He brought his 4 year old son with him. Took the guru about 5 minutes to hook me up and his son wanted to play bowling ball on my Wii, so he did. Then my guy wouldn't even take any cash for his house call! Didn't mean for him to work for nothing on a Sunday. Usually that's time and a half, isn't it?

            Mom's doing great. My brother is going on another vacation next week, so I will be on Mom duty every day, but that's OK. I will be taking a little R & R the next week. Have not taken any time off to myself in two and one half years, so I am due a little escape. Lot's has happened in that time to make me have to stay home. My brother has been gone on 3 trips since Dad died, so I don't have any guilt!