Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Frustrating Day!!!

My email server has been down since after 9:30 last night. I have called a couple of times, but I'm not getting many answers. Seems there is trouble while they are trying to switch the servers from Cox to Suddenlink. One would think they would have everything ready before they lost the current servers!

I ran out of Christmas cards until I go buy some more, so I couldn't work on them today. Since I couldn't do that, I took the opportunity of a fairly warm day in between two cold fronts to put the pine straw out in the flower beds, plant some purple kale that I had since Saturday, and plant the rest of my bulbs in pots. I'm hoping for some beautiful pots in a few months. Basically, I have just been mostly lazy and cold today. I piled up on my bed and watched a Lifetime movie, which is something I rarely ever do. It was a great movie though, A Dad for Christmas. It made me cry, but it was a happy movie! I'm just a WUSS!!!!
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