Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dad update....

Last night he had an episode of high fever that  scared the hospital staff. They even asked him if he wanted them to call his family. They were afraid it was curtains for him.  His fever spiked and was 102.9 when they checked it. It made him not know what was happening and lose control of his body. They called the doctor and he ordered a CT scan at 10 last night to scan his brain and see if he had a stroke. It was negative. After his fever broke and he got over his chill, he went to sleep and woke up feeling good this morning. He has had no more fever all day. I have been gone to yoga tonight, so I don't know what the doc had to say after his evening visit. Yoga was something that I really needed to do tonight and I feel good now. Dad sent me home about 3 this afternoon, but my poor mom stayed there all day.