Monday, May 21, 2007


Dentist I was able to see my dentist this morning. I have an abscessed tooth...maybe even two teeth next to each other are affected. He did the first session of a root canal. Unfortunately, my mouth still hurts just as bad as it did before I went. He prescribed me some oxycodone, which doesn't seem to be helping much. This is all new to me as I have never had a root canal. I don't like it!!! I have already called to see if it should be still hurting as bad as it does. They said yes, it could because of all the disturbing that was done down in the root canal. If it doesn't calm down by tomorrow, I am to go back in. It is only temporarily closed now and pressure could build up again, but he said it wasn't draining much when he closed it up after cleaning it out and putting in antibiotic. Everyone is different, so anything could happen.

I was supposed to get a perm at 1:00 today. That didn't happen because I just couldn't. At that time the anesthetic was just dying off and I was just DYING!!!