Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crappy DAY!

The biopsy results will not be ready until tomorrow, but preliminary exams are not good. Dad's right lung is completely blocked and the left lung is mostly blocked. The only air he is getting is a very small amount from the left lung. Next week we will meet with the doctor to determine the course of treatment. No wonder the poor man can not breathe.

My staph infection is alive and well. The doctor had to lance a new abscess very, very near the old one that is nearly healed. I am back to square one and on massive doses of antibiotics again along with an ointment to put in my nose since the staph lives in the nose. Of course, I am back in major pain with another hole in my ass! Tomorrow I go back to the doctor and he will decide if he will put me back in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Crap....just CRAP! Even the doctor's wife had one of these abscesses on her butt last week. He said the infection is rampant. It will just not die and I have to get well so I can take care of my parents. My brother has had to do way more than his share and I am so sorry for that. He has never complained and he never would, but his plate is full!