Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March needs to END!

Wind is really getting on my nerves. How do people live in those perpetually windy places like West Texas? All day was spent working in my yard doing all the edging and planting grass plugs. I tried to blow everything off, but it kept blowing back in my face and in my garage.

My azaleas are suffering from lace bugs, so I sprayed them for the second time, but I'm not sure how much got on the plants with the wind working against me.

Yesterday I worked down at the home place and took Dad to Wal Mart. Now I have potatoes, onions, cabbage, some squash, and the first of the corn planted. We stagger the corn, so it won't all get ready at the same time, so I planted 3 rows yesterday and will wait a couple of weeks to plant more. Corn

My mom is not doing well. She could barely walk on Sunday when she came to lunch at my brother's house, but when I went to her house yesterday she had stripped the beds to wash the sheets. I told her she should have been resting her back and let me do the sheets. I went out to work outside and when I came back, she had already put clean sheets on her bed, had vacuumed, and was cleaning out from under a kitchen cabinet. I'm such a wuss, that if my back were hurting I wouldn't be doing anything!! She is just an amazing woman! I told her I would be happy to do all that, but she said I do enough around there. WHATEVER! She did let me put the clean sheets on Dad's bed.
Greatest Mom