Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good day

I took Mom to my brother's for lunch today. An aide got her in the car, but when I got her to my brother's, he was not there yet. I was able to get her out and into her wheelchair by myself. She helped a lot. She had some physical therapy today and walked with a different kind of walker. The therapist said she did real well, but was real nervous about it. She doesn't have confidence in herself and is scared a lot. Tonight after I spent the evening with her, the aids came to put her to bed. She was just fine until I told her I was going to the hospital early in the morning to be with my brother for his surgery. Then.....she started crying! Then....I started crying. I just can't help it. I can't stand to see her cry and not be able to tell me why she is crying. She has never been one to cry. I cry watching TV!

Strange brain!

This week while Mom was napping in the afternoon, the aides heard her yelling out, "Get her away from me" several times. They rushed in to see what was wrong and she was asleep. They woke her and told her she was dreaming, but they told me she said that very clearly as if nothing had ever happened to her brain! The brain is a strange organ!