Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My lucky day!

No, I didn't win the lottery, but maybe I SHOULD buy a ticket! I found the receipt from Lowe's where I bought the Happy Holidays sign that looks crappy. I'm thinking tomorrow I will take it down and take it back!!!

TAZ personified!

I have been wild like Taz today, but I got a lot done mostly because I had to stay home and wait for a couple of phone calls. The floors have all been cleaned and vacuumed, the phone calls have been received, the outside Christmas decorations are up (although I am not happy with one of them), and the scrapbook needs only two more pages to be completed and ready to ship. My big Happy Holidays sign is on the fence, but there aren't enough lights on it to be able to read it at night. Not sure what I will do about that, but I will probably take it down....maybe try to add more lights.....maybe not! Right now it just looks tacky!!!!

Big time screw up!!!

Update: The hotel called and they have my stuff. They are shipping it to me!I am very grateful!

I left a wool blazer and a Tommy Hilfiger shirt in a hotel closet yesterday. Of the many, many hotel stays I have had, that has never happened. I left something in a hotel airport shuttle one time and had to go back to Houston the next day to get it. I have a call into the hotel security. There is someone in charge of lost and found that is supposed to call me back. I hate when I have to wait for someone to call back. It screws up my day even more!!!