Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another busy day!

I spent 3 hours at Mom's house cleaning today. It was a mess since things had been pretty much left as is for 25 weeks. I had to prepare a place to put my computer and get a cable dropped since they are doing that on Tuesday. While I was there I cleaned the kitchen and got rid of all the old medicines still there. My sister-in-law took stuff out of the fridge months ago to avoid that disaster. I still have to go through the cabinets and get rid of stuff there. From her house, I stopped by to see her while my brother was there at noon and stayed until they laid her down for a nap at 2. Went to get me some crawfish for lunch and then went home for a little while before going back to be with her at 4:30. Tonight she got choked on nothing but air and had trouble getting her breath back and then her chest was hurting. The aide said she couldn't stand up to get changed and in bed. In the past when she had a major heart attack, chest pain was never an issue. She has different symptoms....almost none at all! She was ok when I left. We have plans to go to her church tomorrow, so I hope she will be ok. Today was 25 weeks since the stroke....175 days in a row that I have been with Mom, except for the one day back in November that I was sick while she was in rehab at the hospital.