Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flashback to the 80's!

I spent all day today at a hotel ballroom helping the Queen of the Mardi Gras decorate her tables. She has seven tables with ten chairs at each one. All the royalty has different tables and each royalty member decorates his/her tables differently. Trust me...these tables are all very elaborate. The King is using Superman as his theme and on each table he has replicas of the Empire State building with fiber optic lights inside them. Wow....the flashback was to all those proms that I was in charge of in the 80's. They were fun to do and this was, too!

No worries!

Don't Worry Be Happy
All that worrying I was doing about blood work was all for nothing. I got the results of the second round of tests today and all was in the normal range. We don't know what was the deal with the previous tests. They still didn't do my HbA1C test, which is the 3 month average for blood sugar. I know the girl marked it on the form, but the lab results said no vial with a purple top was received, so the test wasn't done. The girl in the office said it wasn't supposed to be the purple topped vial, but the tiger top!! Who knew all those vials had different meanings!! Not me!!