Wednesday, April 07, 2010


What happened here? I had pink, white and purple hyacinths planted from bulbs. As they came up the pink ones bloomed before getting out of the ground and wilted and died. The white ones didn't do much better, but the purple ones came up great and beautiful, but their stalks wouldn't hold them up. WTH? Well, they smell lovely even if they are lying on the ground!!!

Work, work, work!

Fortunately, it's work I enjoy. Spent all day Monday in the yard and garden again. Got my yard all mowed and pristine, then went to finish mowing Mom's yard. We have groceries coming up all over the place. It's so much fun to watch and it makes me miss my dad so much. This is the time of year that he just loved. I must have got his genes on this because I love to garden and work in the yard. It's so satisfying to have a beautiful yard and a lovely vegetable garden. It's certainly not easy on this old body, but it is very gratifying. Hoping for some rain today because our garden really needs it.

My 94 year old aunt is in the hospital and I doubt she will ever go back to the assisted living place. She is too weak to walk and really doesn't want to live. Who can blame her? She was mad that all 3 of her younger brothers went before her. She lost her husband years ago in a boating accident, lost a brother in a tractor accident, lost a daughter to suicide and a daughter to cancer. She is ready to go be with them!