Saturday, July 02, 2011

Wow! Much needed break!

Friends and I went to an upscale steakhouse last night for dinner. We all needed the has had to put her husband in a nursing home (he's much older than her) and the other just lost her husband. I really splurged and had the lobster.....yum....haven't had lobster in many years. It should have been a short trip of about 30 minutes to get back home, but due to an 18 wheeler overturned near our exit, it took us 2 hours to go a few miles.

Yesterday, I got some solar screens installed on my huge bedroom windows. This morning I really slept in because those screens had it really dark in my room, but I can now open the blinds in the daytime and not have so much heat come in as well. Soooooo...overall, it's been a good 24 hours. Back to the grind today of doing my part to care for Mom.