Saturday, July 02, 2011

Wow! Much needed break!

Friends and I went to an upscale steakhouse last night for dinner. We all needed the has had to put her husband in a nursing home (he's much older than her) and the other just lost her husband. I really splurged and had the lobster.....yum....haven't had lobster in many years. It should have been a short trip of about 30 minutes to get back home, but due to an 18 wheeler overturned near our exit, it took us 2 hours to go a few miles.

Yesterday, I got some solar screens installed on my huge bedroom windows. This morning I really slept in because those screens had it really dark in my room, but I can now open the blinds in the daytime and not have so much heat come in as well. Soooooo...overall, it's been a good 24 hours. Back to the grind today of doing my part to care for Mom.


Anonymous said...

Are the therapy folks till coming and working with your mom?
Is she enjoying being home?
Is she wanting to get out any?
Glad you got out ...different surrounding do an awful lot to boost your spirits. Beth

Sandy said...

Yes, the PT is still coming. Not the OT...ST...I'm not sure. She loves being home. Will not lie down in the afternoon, but she will sit in her lift chair and nap. She goes out to the beauty shop once a week and to church every Sunday. Yesterday we took her to a family reunion. She is doing fairly well. The caregivers are gifts from , so good! I had one come in at 3 yesterday so I could go home and she told me my parents raised two good children! Made my day.

Anonymous said...

Angels from heaven those caregivers are! I guess she didn't lay down during the day before either. It is good she everyone a short break.Bet she loves going to the beauty shop and church. Things she did before. Good she is happy being home. PT will help keep her limber the caregivers help her with excersizes on the off days for the PT?? I guess she likes her caregivers? You should tell your mom that the caregiver said she raised two good kids !! I think it would tickle her . The caregiver probably already told her that...but it would be good for you two to share that with each other. Beth