Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Love the Internet!

I have used this makeup since sometime in the '80's. Dillard's has always carried it and now that I also have my mom using it as well, Dillard's doesn't carry it anymore. Fortunately, I came home and found it online and ordered immediately. Only problem is shipping is over $6 making the total price over $40. Why can't I like the cheap stuff EVER? I have tried the cheap stuff and just have not found any other make up that I like. I guess I'm just rotten!

Hella Day....

I was up at 6 this morning to take my mom for her colonoscopy. What should have been rountine......well, not so much! I paced a hole in the floor because they told me 30 to 40 minutes and it would be over. An hour and a half later, they brought her back. I was so afraid something had happened. Right after they brought her back there was a Code Blue for the Endoscopy wing. If I had heard that before they brought her back, I would have died. Turns out she has way more than the average colon in length with lots of sharp twists and turns, so it just took longer. Plus, they found 3 polyps which they removed. The doc said they looked benign, but still had to be sent to pathology. She will hear from them later. She told me this one really hurt. I didn't know there was ever any pain with one of these tests. I never had any and never remembered anything. I think it's nap time for me. I'm exhausted!