Saturday, January 27, 2007

Party Animal.....

Yep...that's me! Some of you knew me when that really was true.....but now.....NOT SO MUCH! Tonight was yet another celebration of various birthdays at Monjuni's in Bossier City. We had 11 people and I know all the other patrons were glad when we left. We had fun and it was sort of loud fun!!

I have lost my mind......

AND MY ATM CARD!!!! I last used it on Thursday at the ATM and I have looked everywhere. My bet is that I left it in the ATM machine. I'll be going to the bank Monday morning!!

1 down.....? to go!


I found a dead mouse out in their playland today. This one was bordering on being a RAT! He was big. Here's the kicker.....he was lying beside the tripped trap. The trap did not get him. I guess he had a heart attack!!!

Masquerade Bal'

Last night was the Mardi Gras Bal' and I must say it was really fun. I can say that even though I didn't know a whole lot of people there. I did know some and some of them I was surprised to see there. Having never been to a Mardi Gras Bal' before, this was all a new experience for me. It was very elaborate and well designed. There was a photographer there to take professional pictures, but I didn't avail myself of that. I don't need a picture of myself!!!