Wednesday, May 16, 2007!

That about covers my last two days! Yesterday I got about half of the yard done before I was DONE! It was very hot and steamy, so I had to go in the cool to save myself and rest before going to get Mom and Dad and taking them to my brother's lake house for a fish fry. Needless to say, I was full like a tick when I got home last night.

Today has been totally wasted and it is such a pretty day. The weather is cool and dry after storms last night and I have totally blown off the whole day inside. Before 11:00 today I had cooked cornbread, REAL chicken strips, new potatoes, and squash. I had also eaten it before 11:00. Then I took a little nap until 2 and went back and ate again! Yes, I am a glutton! I should not be wasting this perfect day when I still have yard work to do, but my excuse is that tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler, so I can do it then!!! Yeah, that works!