Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thank goodness....it's over!

All those political ads just drive me nuts! I voted, but I wasn't passionate about any of them. Since I am a new resident of Louisiana, I don't really know the candidates and their positions. I don't vote straight party ticket, but for the person. We had some assinine amendments to vote on, so I did study them before going to the polls. Louisiana has some weird stuff to vote on.

This afternoon I took my dad to the hearing aid man because his brand new $1600 hearing aid quit working. Turns out it was just stopped up.

Since I got home, I have made a pan of fudge to take to my brother tomorrow. It's his birthday and due to his gluten allergy, he can't have cake. I also got an ice cream cake that my sister-in-law ordered for him. Poor fellow. I feel sorry for him because gluten is in EVERYTHING!!!

I got my flu shot today and my arm has been aching ever since. That never happened before and it doesn't seem to to happening to anyone else!!!!

Vote today or forever SHUT UP!