Saturday, July 10, 2010

Waste of skin!

What a lazy block of stone I have been today! The only thing slightly useful that I did was go out behind my fence with a hoe and try to make the water drain out of my back yard. I'm delighted to have rain, but I do have a problem with drainage. I don't know why. I live on a freakin' hill! I have completely undone my landscaping in the back to try to solve the problem. I even put a drainage pipe through the flower bed and under the fence and I still get standing water in a corner. It hasn't been tested much because we have been in a severe drought. In fact, I don't think we have had flood type rains since I have lived here, so it's been basically untested. I have lifted all the paving stones that I had set up in the corner. Still doesn't seem to have solved the problem. I am going to be mad if I have to call in a landscaper to solve this!!!!