Friday, June 27, 2008

Nuf said!


I broke my own promise to myself Wednesday because I told myself that I would go see Dad every day, but I didn't go on Wednesday. There is no excuse except that I was just a waste of lazy skin on that day. Today we went to his favorite place to eat because he has a waitress there that he calls his girlfriend. In fact, he has girlfriends everywhere, but this one is really special to him. We always tip her well and I always throw an extra $5 on the table after everyone heads out the door because I am so grateful that she makes my dad happy. Usually, he eats their catfish really well, but tonight he could not eat. The Neulasta shot has his bones aching a lot and he just does not feel well today because of that. It's also causing him to not be able to sleep even though he is taking pain pills for it.