Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Same same same

The only way I can sit at this computer for a few minutes is because I took two asperins and got some relief. This is such a strange thing. The chills came back this afternoon and I ache all over, but I have nothing to blame it on....sore throat...no nothing. I finally took my temperature this afternoon and it was 100.4. For me that is significant because my usual temp is not 98.6, but always lower. Just a slight rise in temp can make me feel bad. Once again I have turned off the AC and fans and wrapped in a blanket. I have not eaten anything in the last 27 hours but 6 crackers, a banana and some cokes. I just do not understand what is causing this. I do know that it has happened before, but didn't last long and left just like it came!! One clue was that my blood sugar was 148 when I got up this morning. It's never that high unless I am sick or forgot to take my meds the night before. I think I took my meds, but I'm not sure. Boo... I hate feeling bad, especially for no damn reason!!!