Sunday, February 19, 2006

Progress!!! in spite of the cold!!!

It's too cold to get much work done on the house. After church today, I made at least 15 trips up the ladder to the attic to store more junk. Why do I have all this stuff? Most of it is sentimental type stuff that no one will ever care about but me. After a few more years, I won't even be able to climb into the attic. I should just get rid of it all now!! I have a box full for Goodwill and I can't even describe how many trips I took to Goodwill before I left Orange. Is there any reason that any one person should need 40 golf shirts? I THINK NOT! I have way too many clothes, but it's all such good stuff that I hate to part with it. What to do! What to do!. Progress is being made. See the pictures!! :)
My Texas bathroom is almost completed. I had this guest bathroom repainted all white before I moved in because I knew I had to have my Texas bathroom. I still have some final touches before it is completed, but I love it.