Sunday, December 03, 2006

My town is AWESOME!

I don't usually go out at night, but tonight I went to a banquet at the church. The Christmas decorations in this little town are "over the top" beautiful. There are so many of them put out by the city. The people follow suit and really decorate their houses and yards. It is just beautiful. I love this place.

My church is AWESOME!

My church collected a one time offering today for World Missions. It's the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. We have an enrollment of about 1800 and an average attendance of 5 to 600 people. They placed a manger at the front of the church and we all went up and put our offering in the manger. The goal was $80,000. Tonight at our missions banquet, the pastor announced that our offering this morning was $107,000!!!!