Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mission #3 Accomplished!

Without even one roadblock, I got all my assignments done today which included calling the companies holding Dad's life insurance policies. They were all very cooperative and sorry for my loss. Now we have to start a file to keep all the stuff in that we will need upon our mom's death. It will save us lots of headaches at that time. We are having to place a value upon everything at the time of his, vehicles, oil and gas revenues, timber...EVERYTHING. It's going to be really bad after Mom is gone because she in in a part of undivided acreage. YIKES! What a headache that will be to get that divided up between 9 grandchildren after Mom and her sister are gone. Her family could just never agree on the division. There is still $20,000 in my grandfather's checking account and he died in 1986. Mom just pays property taxes from it every year and it just sits there earning ZERO percent!!! Now....if I could just get motivated for Christmas. I thought the cold weather would help, but it hasn't  YET! I told Mom today that I was glad Dad didn't have to be cold this year. He hated cold weather and was always cold.