Friday, April 16, 2010


Yet another tomato plant lying dead on the ground this morning. Looks like something is just cutting it off......and not even eating it! Damn, bugs, if you are going to cut down my plant, at least eat it! 5 of the eight Better Boy plants are gone. I guess I will replace them tomorrow with some bigger plants. Today I got another sprinkler system hooked up and have one going on the corn rows. Also, got Dad's drip system he set up on a fence above his berries going again. It's a rather unique system consisting of a soaker hose snaked through a fence so that it drips from the top on the berry plants. It's way cool! It stayed just like he had it all during the harsh winter, but was unhooked from the water source. I was doubtful that it would still work since those soaker hoses are rather fragile, but it did. Dad was very proud of his row of different kinds of berries....blackberries, boysen berries and some others that I don't recall. What didn't survive were his little markers where he had labeled his plants, so we are clueless as to what they are. The very last place Dad ever worked was from a little stool he sat on to clean weeds out of his berries. It was very hard for me to move that stool, but I finally did move it because I had to clean out from under his berries and put new pine straw around them.