Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Imagine my surprise when I walked downstairs this morning about 9 and noticed the wall of the bathroom knocked completely in and crap all over the floor. Stuff was knocked off the walls and the heavy plug for the phone recharger was knocked completely out of the opposite wall. I started to walk outside and look at the outside, but the front door would not open. The entire wall had moved enough to jam the door. The big question is, "Why didn't I hear this?" I guess someone could come in and remove everything downstairs and I wouldn't hear it. The reason is that I have a ceiling fan and another fan going at all times. They work REALLY well at drowning out noises! I didn't know how well they did work until last night. Right now everything has been removed from the bathroom and we are waiting for the insurance adjuster to show up. Police have already been. Looks like someone who had obviously had a little too much to drink tried to back their truck into the parking area by my apartment. Apparently, there was a trailor hitch on the truck that did the most damage. What am I thinking!!! Of course, there was a trailor hitch....this is, after all, TEXAS!!! There could possibly be some good to come out of this. I may actually get a new floor, which I have asked for many times before. I should have gone in there with a sledge hammer and done some more damage before I informed management and they came to take pictures!!