Saturday, August 01, 2009

No words needed!

Krewe work day!

Our krewe is building a new building to house our floats and today is a work day at the new building. Since I don't know a thing about bolting boards to steel and concrete or putting up plywood, I took them some Krispy Kremes and came home. After that "manwork" is done, there will be plenty of things I can do to get everything all moved from the old building and get the new building ready for the ribbon cutting in October. Time is short and, of course, the same few people keep showing up to work. Some don't show up til party time. Lots of stuff has to be done before the Mardi Gras season, but there are always those who just come to party...forget the work involved!!! Fortunately, we have a rule that you have to put in some hours of work or you will not be allowed to ride in the parades..