Monday, January 22, 2007


Ready to get back in the yard. Today I have been thinking about the back yard and how to landscape it. The front yard got done last year. When I went to Wal Mart today, I saw that they have their rose bushes out ready to go. I'm thinking I will build up a bed in the back and put really good roses in it. Right now it's still too cold to stay outside. Today I pruned the crepe myrtles, but I only have two and they are still fairly small. I cut them way back because last year they got that sooty mold stuff and I hated it.

Gloomiest day of the year?

Not for me! I heard all those reports about this being the gloomiest day of the year for many reasons including bills coming due from Christmas, broken resolutions, income taxes due. I tried to ward that off by going for a brisk walk this morning....and by brisk, I mean the weather, not the pace!!! I went into unchartered territory which took me right by the assisted living facility that is home to my aunt, so I had to stop in and visit her.

Later in the day I picked up meds for Mom at Wal Mart and took them to her. She was sleeping, so I cleaned her kitchen for her. I never saw Dad. He was in his room trying to sleep. Mom said he just can't breathe and I noticed yesterday that just walking around Wal Mart, he was wheezing very badly. He told Mom he just wished he could have a heart attack and go on home......eternity. I wish that he could do that as well because he is just so miserable and I just hate to see him that way.

I am having trouble logging on to blogger. I have tried for hours and read all the blogger help posts to no avail. I finally managed to do it, but it was a very round about way that I may not remember next time. If I go missing.....that's why!!!
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