Thursday, November 09, 2006

QVC: An Excellent Company

On October 25, I placed an order on QVC. I got an email saying it had shipped on October 27, but I never got it. Today I finally got around to checking online and found that it was marked delivered by UPS on November 2 at 6:57 P.M. That is sooooooo not true! I called QVC and with NO QUESTIONS ASKED, they issued a replacement to be delivered on or about November 14th. In the past, if I was not home, they just left the package at the front door, which is perfectly safe to do here. I checked every day and it was never there. I love not having to hassle with customer service!!

My own opium field.....

I went to Mom and Dad's this afternoon to pick up pecans. There weren't many to pick up, but I mowed under the trees so they will be easier to see when they do fall. Unfortunately, the leaves were falling as fast as I could mow them. When I finished that, I fixed a nice row and planted LOTS of poppy seeds. Yes, they are the same as poppy seeds that are on poppyseed rolls, so they are very tiny. They are planted simply by tossing them out on the prepared ground.

Little Brother

My "little brother" had a birthday yesterday, so I had lunch at his house along with my parents, their pastor, and a friend of my brother's who was born on the same day.Blogger wouldn't let me post yesterday so, at my age, I forgot what I wanted to post!
Birthday Balloons
Today I had lunch with the girls as we do every Thursday. Had to turn down a lunch at a lady's house that I met in Sunday School. This group of ladies that I have lunch with on a regular basis are "kindred spirits" to me. We are a lot alike! The person who built my house and sold it to me introduced me to this group. They are all friends of hers. I heard her tell them that I was a kindred spirit and I think that was an appropriate term. The Sunday School lady.....uuuhhhh...not so much!
Pizza Parlor 2