Thursday, November 09, 2006

Little Brother

My "little brother" had a birthday yesterday, so I had lunch at his house along with my parents, their pastor, and a friend of my brother's who was born on the same day.Blogger wouldn't let me post yesterday so, at my age, I forgot what I wanted to post!
Birthday Balloons
Today I had lunch with the girls as we do every Thursday. Had to turn down a lunch at a lady's house that I met in Sunday School. This group of ladies that I have lunch with on a regular basis are "kindred spirits" to me. We are a lot alike! The person who built my house and sold it to me introduced me to this group. They are all friends of hers. I heard her tell them that I was a kindred spirit and I think that was an appropriate term. The Sunday School lady.....uuuhhhh...not so much!
Pizza Parlor 2

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