Monday, December 12, 2005

I Love You MO!

As a teacher I had several students who I really became attached to and just sort of adopted. I still call them "my kids". Last Thursday as soon as I got home from my mom and dad's, I got a frantic email from one of "my kids" telling me that her Godmother died and would I please call her. She told me she really needed me to go to the funeral. I did not know the lady who died, but I know Jessica loved her dearly. Her name was Sandy as is mine. Jessica told me that we two were the only ones who kept ALL her secrets. Of course, I went to the funeral to support Jessica. Some things I just gotta do!!!! She just needed a long, hard hug!

Best Buy or Circuit City?

I got that answered once and for all today. I had not used my Ipod in several weeks because I haven't been to the gym. Today I plugged it in the computer to charge it up to get ready for exercise. It did something crazy and went into diagnostic mode and I couldn't get it to do anything. I couldn't even turn it OFF!!!! I went to Best Buy and asked their Geek Squad. They had no clue. Here's their answer: "Send it back to Apple. It may need to be replaced." Well, no help there and I did buy the Ipod there. I know they are not authorized to work on them, but, Geez, they ought to know something! On a whim, I went by Circuit City and asked if they had an Ipod guru. Yes! He punched a few buttons, all of which I had already punched.....but he got the thing working immediately. He told me honestly he didn't really know what he did. I was very grateful. I'm addicted to my Ipod and cannot work out without it!!!