Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Glitch #1!

We ran into a road block with Medicare today. Mom has a wheelchair at home and after 13 months, it becomes ours. However, that does not include the time that she has been in the care of others (hospital and rehab center). We have one more month left on the wheelchair. Because of this, Medicare will not pay for the power chair. We cannot start counting that last month until she gets home. Meanwhile, the paperwork on the power chair expires. It's only good for 40 days. What a freakin' mess! We simply must have the wheelchair at home, so the power chair is on hold until we get this all cleared up. The rep at the power chair store is not happy because of "all the work" she has done on this case. Whatever! We have friends here in our area that own a medical supply store and we would rather get it from them anyway, but since it was Mom's cousin who was taking care of all this, we just stood back. The therapist has reservations about whether or not Mom can operate a power chair. She may be right and, actually, she probably doesn't need it inside her home. We can just get a golf cart so she can get around the acreage and not be stuck inside if the power chair doesn't work out. We are making plans to get her home in about two weeks. The saga continues!