Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I voted for Mario!

I would have been happy with Joey, Mario and Emmitt....they were all awesome! Emmitt won!

Flushed Away...Update

Absolute GENIUS! As with all animated movies, there is more there for adults than for children. Children will love it and adults will love it many clever things and innuendos. I have great admiration for makers of animated films, the main one being that I don't have to THINK to understand their movie!!
Thumbs Up

When I came out of the movie, the winds had subsided somewhat and there was a cold drizzle...just the kind of weather to come home and read a good book!!

The Big BLOW!

We have wind advisories today and they are NOT KIDDING! I NEVER experienced wind like this in Texas unless there was a tropical storm. I was never there during a hurricane! This is serious wind with some gusts up to 43 already. It's enough to cause power failures and trees to fall. We have been warned! I walked outside on the patio and there were little birds huddled on the ground next to the house. They tried to fly away, but the wind was tossing them all over. They can't sit on the fence. Now the funny thing is that my neighbor across the street is out with his blower trying to keep the leaves off his porch and driveway. That man is way more obsessed than I am !!!

I'm thinking this will be a good day to take in a movie. I used to do that a lot in Texas, taking advantage of the cheaper tickets for the matinees. I don't even know if the tickets are cheaper here in the afternoon, but I guess I'll find out. I'm thinking I'll go see Flushed Away. It's my kind of movie and on my level of thinking!!! I"ll be back with my review!