Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Whistle while you work kind of day....

It's nearly noon here and the temp is 75 degrees in August.....AWESOME! I had coffee on the patio and have already mowed the yard. Fall flowers are beckoning me, but I know it is too early to plant them.

Dad only spent 24 hours in the hospital and, once again, I was the lucky one that got to experience his monumental impatience while getting checked out of the hospital. It is a mystery to me why in the hell it takes so long to do that, but I am much more patient than he is. The tests showed nothing physically wrong and he felt OK in the hospital, but as soon as he got home he didn't feel good again and didn't want to eat. He is off all the meds that doc thought were causing the symptoms. I just pray that he improves. I don't know how my mom lives with him!!! She is the most patient woman in the world. Today is one year since her triple by-pass and she has never recovered from it.