Monday, December 11, 2006

The Year Without a Santa Claus

I watched this movie tonight, as lame as it was, only because it was filmed here in the area this past summer. There were stories on TV every night during filming asking for extras to come to Natchitoches and bring their winter coats! It was 100 degrees and the actors were suffering and their makeup was falling off. The scenes look pretty silly. Natchitoches has a massive Christmas Festival, which is the reason the film company chose it as their location.They set it all up in July. Why would anyone try to film a Christmas film in Louisiana in mid summer???

Yet another Mission Accomplished!

Christmas cards are done! I started on 12-3-06 working on my cards. First, I ran out of cards, then ran out of stamps. I won't mail them until they are all finished. I do all this on the computer and write a personalized message in each card via computer. It is time intensive, but I enjoy doing it. It makes me have to stop and think about every person that is getting a card from me. I like that! I have awesome friends and all of them live nowhere near me! I also love getting Christmas cards. Today I got four and that made me smile. That's the whole purpose, isn't it!!