Thursday, August 28, 2008

I better not get the shingles!

At least 4 months ago I got a prescription for the shingles vaccine. Finally, today it came in and because it had to stay frozen until mixed with something else, I had to go to the doc's office and let someone there inject it. Damn thing cost me $216 for one teeny, little shot that I didn't even feel. Damn thing better work! Money

My money is leaving me at a rapid rate. The hospital called and said my entire bill had to be paid by Oct. 27th (90 days from billing) or it would go to collections! WTF! I know that not everyone can just fork over $1,000 upon receiving the bill. I was going to pay it off a few hundred at the time, but I guess not. Out with the MasterCard! Damn I hated to do that since I had zero balance on my card! Credit Card I still owed them that much after already paying $700 and having 2....count them....2 insurance coverages. Aetna and Medicare, Part B!

Holy Crap!

I'm glad I don't live in Southeast Texas anymore. I would be leaving for higher ground right now. Any of my friends down there in Orange,TX who need higher ground, I have an extra bedroom and a backyard for your pets.

Wow! What a difference!

I wasn't living in Louisiana when Katrina happened, but there is a new governor and he is on the ball. He has already activated the National Guard, has contracted 600 buses to evacuate those who cannot evacuate themselves, set up hotlines for people to call who want to be evacuated and maybe even cancelled his speech at the GOP convention next week. I do know that the former governor failed miserably with Katrina and the ever whining Senator Mary Landrieu still blames Bush and still begs for money. The incompetent New Orleans Mayor was re-elected by the obviously moronic New Orleans residents. All hotels here in my area of North Louisiana are booked and shelters are already opening. Major differences this time around. Maybe the powers that be learned from the fine people of Southwest Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast that the first thing to do is take take care of your own damn self!