Friday, May 25, 2007

Bounce back????

Today was the first day that I went anywhere except to the dentist office. I had just a few errands to run....all right here in town. I am totally exhausted. Just a few days of inactivity does a number on my old body these days. I still have some risidual pain, but aspirins seem to do the trick on it. I really don't like taking those pain pills.....unlike my younger days when I would take one for NO reason!!! :)
Aging Woman

Day ONE!

Construction started big time on the new road behind my house. Yesterday morning this was a field full of mice. I'm glad to see the road begin and the mice gone somewhere else. I know it's their home, so I don't want to hear from any tree huggers. Leave me alone. I don't care!The top picture shows my house.