Friday, March 30, 2012

Strange things!

A family friend brought her 4 week old son to visit my mother Wednesday night. My mother lit up like a Christmas tree and started talking about that baby in words that we could clearly understand. Yesterday, she didn't remember their visit until my brother reminded her. Again she started talking about that sweet baby. The brain is an amazing thing! Hers used to be more amazing than any of the rest of ours. She was so smart. In fact, she got married when she was 16 and continued to go to school and graduated valedictorian of her class. She never went to college, but she would have kicked butt if she had. She was thrilled that both her children got college degrees.

Well, it's official! Sunday, I am leaving for a few days to luxuriate at the Gaylord Texan. I told Mom that Stewart is going to forget to give her the coumadin every day at 4 because I have my phone set to alarm so we can remember to give it to her. He said he would have to figure out how to set his phone alarm. She knows I am leaving and she seems to be ok with it.