Sunday, May 03, 2009


Yesterday our Krewe had a pig roast, also known as a Cochon de Lait, and a golf tournament as a fund raiser. Just as we were kicking off the Cochon de Lait and awarding golf prizes, the heavens opened up and the floods came. It was brutal. As soon as I ate and the DJ started playing, I was out of there because..seriously, why would I want to watch other people dance? My car was blocked in, so I tried to go through some trees and get out. Unfortunately, the grounds don't have much parking space, so we were all over the place and it all turned to mud. I got stuck. Fortunately, a young man who works at the golf course, had a jeep with a wench. Keep in mind that it was still pouring down rain. Both that young man and and I got soaked. He finally got it out, but it took 3 tries. I tried to pay him, but he refused to accept it. What a nice young man! I would have felt better if he would have taken it.