Saturday, August 23, 2008

My new shirt

I have to move!

I just had a scary conversation with my neighbor. She was complaining about the government (specifically Veterans' Affairs Department). I told her to wait until Obama gets in there and see how screwed up it will be. She said "It can't be any worse than it is now!" I said, "Oh, yes it can and kept on walking rather than say something I would regret. I knew she was a BOZO, but I didn't know it went THAT far!


It's the Anti-Christ and the DEVIL!

Workin' it!

Yes, I have totally been "workin' it" this morning....the soil, that is! Thankfully, a friend was at Dad's this morning when I needed the tiller cranked. It is too hard for me to crank although sometimes I get it running. He started it right up and I fixed a new place for us to plant a few fall garden items. We planted more tomatoes and as soon as I go buy them, we will plant some collards, broccoli, squash, and turnip greens. Dad didn't feel good, but he came out and dug the holes for the tomatoes. At least he felt like he had done something. I would be glad to do it all myself.