Thursday, May 12, 2005

There are days and then there are DAYS!

This one fell into the DAYS category and it isn't over,yet! The day started on the golf course where instead of being paired with beginners, like I should be, I was paired with two ladies who just came back from playing the State Seniors Golf Tournament WHERE ONE OF THEM WON A CONSOLATION PRIZE! Hello......Can we say INTIMATION!!! On hole #1 I could not hit the ball for anything and when I did, it hit every tree on the hole. I wasn't even half way to the Par 4 hole green and I already had 4 strokes. I politely told the ladies that I was going to slip off by myself and play the back nine. Well, I couldn't even do any better there where there was no one to intimidate me. I quit and went shopping.

Did my day improve there? Not one bit. Nothing looked right...nothing fit right! I have gained 5 pounds and I am not a happy camper. So....without buying anything (that's a good thing), I headed for the gym to work out. I drove around the block 3 times without turning into the parking lot. Finally, I decided just to take my butt home and stay there

Did my day improve there? Not one bit. I broke a tooth chewing on a Jelly Belly!!! Jelly Belly's are not HARD! My dentist's office is already closed and they do not open again until Monday. I guess that is God's way of telling me to STOP EATING JELLY BELLY'S!!OK...I got the message! AARGH!!!!