Sunday, December 31, 2006


blogger keeps losing my posts! WTH!


I had a post all done and when I hit publish it disappeared. Blogger has changed stuff that was working fine. Why do they keep changing things when they aren't broken? GRRRR!

Missing in Action!

Didn't realize I had been away so long. The routine was the same up until Sunday. We knew on Saturday that something was wrong with mom, but my brother called me Sunday morning and said something was even more wrong now. I went on to her house and called Home Health. The nurse told us to get her to the hospital. We did and found that she had a UTI again. Second time since she has been home. She is now in the hospital getting IV antibiotics. She has really gone downhill physically. Yesterday, the PT couldn't get her past the door of her room when she tried to walk her. Today she got a tiny bit further, but every step was a struggle. My brother and I had her walking outside on her driveway before this setback. We are hoping her doctor will ask for a few days in the rehab unit of the hospital before he releases her to go back home. The hospital is here in my town, so I go there every morning and stay until my brother gets there after lunch. Then I get a break to get some lunch and go home a few hours before I go back and stay with her until about 8. She sleeps most of the time. She sits in a chair most of the time while my brother is with her..

AS if we didn't have enough stuff break already, Mom's car quit on the way to the hospital. We have to have it towed to be repaired tomorrow. We also had to dig up the septic system again because the caregiver continued to put the moistened wipes in the toilet even after we put a big sign on them to not flush and told her specifically not to flush them. Well, she won't be disregarding our requests anymore. I took the damn things away. I tried to make it convenient for them, but if they abuse it....OH WELL! I should have told her that it costs money every time we have to fix the sewer and when Mom's money runs out.....SO DOES HER JOB!

Happy New Year!

Today I decided that after Sunday School, I would go to my family's church and spend the last Sunday of the year with them. I have not been to their church since Father's Day. I go every Sunday after my church to my brother's house for lunch. His wife even made lunch for us today and she was home sick from church. She's also making cabbage and black eyed peas for lunch tomorrow. Got to have at least a chance of health and wealth in the next year. I'm not taking a chance on there being no truth to that custom.