Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great day!

Mom's caregiver had to leave at 12:30 today, but my brother didn't tell me so I went at my regular time around 3:30. Her wheelchair was in the yard and the golf cart was gone. My brother had taken her down to the pond where he was doing some dirt work on our dried up pond. When they came home, she saw me in the yard and said, "Hi, Sandy"! That was HUGE! She has not said my name without prompting since she had her stroke almost a year ago. She walked better today as well. AND...as if that wasn't enough to make my day, tonight she was sitting on the side of her bed while I was moving her wheelchair out of the way. She stood up and straightened out her gown.....by herself...no help. I just turned around and saw her do it! Surprised her as much as it surprised me!

The power chair will be here next week. That should be interesting. Today, she probably could have done it well....not sure on any other days! Some days she is really fuzzy! But, hey, some days I AM REAL FUZZY!